The importance of the multi-platform strategy

As an advertiser, you understand the importance of visibility and engagement in the digital landscape. But if you’ve shifted your entire native advertising budget to a single platform, you’re working against those goals; not only are you limiting your reach, but you’re potentially decreasing your revenue.


Each native ad platform cultivates relationships with a unique set of publisher websites, and some establish exclusive partnerships. When you commit to a single platform, you reduce your brand exposure and lose engagement with millions of consumers who frequent other sites.

Your advertising strategy should match consumer behavior

Think about your online habits. Do you only use Instagram or rely solely on a news editor? Of course not! Neither do today’s consumers who find themselves dispersed throughout the online universe: catching up on sports scores, scrolling through social media, checking email and reading miscellaneous content.

The most successful brands approach advertising in the same way. They are not just limited to Meta Ads or Google Ads. They take advantage of both (and more) because they know consumers are everywhere and they need to be everywhere.

Likewise, putting all your eggs in one native advertising basket effectively reduces your brand visibility, putting profitability at risk. Is this a chance you are willing to take?

The Taboola Advantage: Powerful Exclusive Partnerships, Unparalleled Access

Even if you’ve chosen a different platform as your primary native advertising solution, consider Taboola as a complementary partner. Here’s why:

Unmatched exclusive collaborations: Taboola signed an exclusive partnership with Yahoo, a top-tier publisher with nearly 900 million monthly active users worldwide. This partnership spans Yahoo’s domains including finance, news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. By not using Taboola’s platform, you are intentionally giving up access to this large audience.

Mass audience, maximum impact: At Taboola, we are proud to be the largest native advertising network in the world. Our network of over 9,000 premium publisher websites means your campaigns are shown to relevant users in their favorite places, maximizing impact and ROI. When you’re looking to increase sales, there’s no better platform – Taboola generates over 1 million transactions every month!

Diversification is key: While streamlining your processes and using one platform sounds appealing, advertising is a high-stakes game, and your advertising strategy can make or break your brand. When you add Taboola to your media mix, you’re not starting over. You’re strategically optimizing your overall native ad strategy and ultimately increasing your company’s revenue.

Imagine the possibilities when you have access to all these editors:

The bottom line

Fragmentation is the reality: consumers are spread across a vast network of websites, and to truly connect with them, you need a multi-pronged approach.

Yes, you may have had some success with a particular native ad platform, but would not including the world’s number one platform in your mix amplify your message even more?

So, if Taboola isn’t your native advertising platform, it should at least complement your existing strategy; otherwise, you could be hurting your marketing efforts. Moving at least a portion of your ad spend to Taboola will open doors to audiences you haven’t yet reached. Don’t let a single-platform strategy limit your brand’s potential!